Sunday, January 22, 2012

Galaxy Nexus Email Modification that Maximizes Screen Use

Thanks to RootzWiki member CrushD we know get the full screen size used for the email application on a  Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Normally in email there is a margin on both sides of email that does not take full advantage of the screen size. With a very easy file replacement made by CrushD you now get the full use of the large screen on the Galaxy Nexus.

Before                                                                                                                                 After

Download the email.apk from the link below and replace the Email.apk located in the /system/app folder located on your Galaxy Nexus, There is no reboot required (Root is required) and what a difference this Mod makes.

Email apk Download Link

Thanks to CrushD for the Mod and RootzWiki for the great community.

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