Saturday, December 24, 2011

Customers directed away from buying Windows Phone 7

Walked into an @ATT store Thursday night I am converting from ATT to @Verizon put the iPhone in my bag as a backup phone. So I am in the process of returning some accessories I had purchased and a couple walks in and asks for "The Windows Phone (WP7)". Then I hear two reps tell them "oh you don't want one of those phones you want an iPhone or maybe an Android". The woman from the couple then asked "why it looked good in the commercials?". A second rep then walked and told her "oh no they are horrible phones" and proceeded to talk her out of wanting a WP7. I couldn't believe it and because they are in a position of power and "experts" for a majority of the people that go into ATT I began to wonder how's many phone sales are impacted like this, is this a strategy that ATT is directing their reps to meet quotas on certain phones or is this just a personal opinion of the reps? The woman did not argue for the phone she actually came in to buy and settled for an iPhone which I am sure she will be happy with. This was nothing more than observation I wanted to share and maybe get feedback if you had any experiences where a rep have you or someone you saws bad advice and you left the store with something other than what you came in to get.